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About Us

SKYWORTH is a global leader in advanced and affordable technology, putting quality, efficiency, and customer experience first. As the first company to launch the TV industry into the OLED era, SKYWORTH is now one of top three brands to offer this technology globally.

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After nearly 10 years of experience bringing OLED Technology to life, SKYWORTH delivers vivid colors with higher contrast, deep black levels, and faster refresh rates than other TV technologies. OLED TVs give viewers an ultra-wide viewing angle in a slim design, ideally fit for any home or office decor.

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Each type of TV technology offer differences that define their respective picture quality. LCD provides a relatively bright and colorful picture that are affordable and available in more sizes. Advancing to QLED, this class of LCD TV technology delivers a bright picture that stands up to very bright rooms, and OLED TV technology is perhaps the most cinematic and defines the future of home entertainment with its self-lighting pixel advantage that arguably delivers lifelike imagery and the highest-quality picture attributes available in the market.

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Say hello to a smarter TV

Simplify your entertainment experience with Android TV. Discover 700,000+* movies and shows in one place. Ask Google to control your TV with your voice. And cast your photos, videos, and music from devices to your TV easily with Chromecast built-in.

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